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A website built in Wordpress allows businesses the opportunity to maximise their online potential without requiring a huge amount of technical expertise in order to operate it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), originally set up as a blog publishing device but now used in a more expansive way as a user friendly Web Design tool that allows content to be managed easily with a stable platform, making it the perfect device for use in building a business site.

Its user friendly nature means that it can be used to modernise your website with no difficulty, allowing your customers to receive up to the minute updates without you wasting valuable time in doing so.

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Wordpress @ SJL Web Design

At SJL Web Design we are committed to CMS development, ensuring that your WordPress website is tailor made to suit the needs of your business. Our in-house staff are highly experienced in all aspects of WordPress, meaning that your site will get the attention to detail that it deserves throughout the design process, from beginning to end.

We can also equip you with a professional blog application, providing you with a platform on which to publish your own musings, be they business-related or personal, online.

This application can be easily integrated into your present web design, allowing you to share your thoughts and opinions with your client base, adding a personal touch to your business’ online operation.

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