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What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source ecommerce application designed for online shops. It is widely regarded as the best software of its kind and could be the key to your business optimising its profitability by making a huge splash in online sales.

What SJL offer you in a Magento website?

Our highly trained in-house designers are specialised in the use of Magento and can tailor an online store to your specific needs, guaranteeing that you are able to make the most out of selling over the internet. From initial planning to final design, we will ensure that you get the professional and high quality service that you deserve.

What are Magento's main features?

Easily accessible and highly detailed sales data

Magento has almost twenty different report screens, allowing you to analyse every aspect of your sales data in depth and helping your business to evolve as a result. From allowing you to view your transactions over any given period to giving the you the opportunity to analyse less apparent data such as viewing which products prospective shoppers placed in their cart but did not later purchase, Magento really does allow you to study your sales from every angle.

Personal Search Engine Management

Magento gives you the ability to fully control the URL, META tags, page title and description of each of your individual products. It also offers you the chance to display your most popular search terms by generating an automatic page or sitemap containing this information.

Diverse range of fully integrated Google services

Services such as Google Sitemaps, Google Analytics and Google Base are all fully coalesced into the Magento package, allowing you to make the most of what each application has to offer

How can it benefit your business?

As the leading software package of its kind, Magento can open up brand new windows of opportunity for your business by introducing you to the world of online selling, simplifying your customers’ interaction with you and making the sale of a product just the click of a mouse away.

Built In Security Features

Magento is fully SSL certificated. This guarantees safety and security for monetary transactions taking place over your site, giving both you and your clients protection and piece of mind.

Cross-sells and related item displays

Related item displays are fully implementable with Magento, allowing your customers to be exposed to a wider range of available products and boosting your overall sales as a result

Tagging and reviewing

Users can easily tag and review your products, allowing you to generate further data for analysis. Average review scores for any of your products can be readily viewed, giving you speedy and direct feedback on what your clients think

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