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Magento: Adding a Static Block to a CMS Page

Unlike many of the features in Magento, this is actually a pain free task and it just involves two simple steps…

1) Create a static block

Login to your Magento control panel and go to CMS > Static Blocks > Add New Block

Give the block a title, identifier, switch it to enabled and add some content. Once complete hit the ‘Save Block’ button

2) Reference the static block in a CMS page

This is the final step, go to CMS > Pages and either create a new page or add the block to a pre-existing one of your choosing.

Once the editor window has loaded just add this piece of code to your desired location:

{{block type="cms/block" block_id="home-page-promo"}}

That’s it, the Static Block you created in step one should now be appearing on the CMS page you added it to.

You shouldn’t encounter any with this as it is really easy to implement. However, if you do experience any difficulties leave a comment below and we will try and assist you the best we can.

Happy Magento-ing!

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