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Magento: Adding a Static Block to a CMS Page


Unlike many of the features in Magento, this is actually a pain free task and it just involves two simple steps… 1) Create a static block Login to your Magento control panel and go to CMS > Static Blocks > Add New Block Give the block a title, identifier, switch it to enabled and add […]

Sexy WordPress Date Button


In this short tutorial we will demonstrate how you can jazz up your post’s date with a calendar icon, some CSS and a tiny bit of PHP! To start with we are going to find a suitable icon. We could make this ourselves but IconFinder has a great timesaving selection. This is the icon I […]

CSS3: Border Radius


Border Radius has been one, if not the most highly anticipated CSS3 properties. No longer will designers have to resort to using complicated absolute positioning and images to create elements with rounded corners. As with most CSS3 properties there are three variations of the selector: border–radius (CSS3 Opera Browser) -moz-border–radius (Mozilla Browser – Firefox) -webkit-border-radius […]

CCS3: Border Image


The border-image property allows you to create more eye-catching and attractive borders. As an overview, the new property enables you to assign images to line the edges of an element. How to use the border-image property Before starting it’s a good idea to create a fallback border for less modern browsers that do not yet […]

CSS3: Browser Support


Over the next couple of months we will be posting a number of articles explaining how you can start implementing some of the latest CSS3 properties into your website. At SJL we have started taking advantage of all that CSS3 and HTML5 offers. However, a number of designers/developers have expressed concerns over whether they should […]

Microsoft commits to H.264 video in IE9


With the H.264 vs WebM fight raging between Apple and Google, Microsoft have charged in battle supporting the fruitier option. In a blog post titled “HTML5 and Web Video: Questions for the Industry from the Community” Microsoft have promised to place H.264 video at the core of its web experiences in IE9. This comes weeks […]